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The previous IB2MaC editions were organized in 9 European cities (7 countries) but not once in country of central or east Europe. Meanwhile the masonry structures are one of the main types of constructions also in these regions. Problems connecting with introduction of new materials, techniques as well as design solutions and procedures are analyzed and solved during research works carried out at some university research centres. Three Technical Universities located at the south part of Poland, i.e. Cracow University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Technology became the main and the most active research centres in masonry construction in Poland, having also extensive experience in conferences organizing. Therefore, the scientists of these three universities working in masonry and cooperating to each other decide to apply for organizing the next IB2MaC 2020 in Kraków.

The area of contemporary Kraków was originally settled around 50,000 years ago with the first traces of inhabitants on the hill located at the Vistula's bank, currently referred to as Wawel Hill where is located the Medieval Royal Castle. The earliest written documents about the city date back to year 965. Hundreds of years of history of the civilization in the Kraków area have left us with the medieval town centre recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. The oldest monuments here date back to the 6th century. Kraków is the heart of the scientific and educational community of Poland. There are many universities located within the city, including one of the oldest in the world, the Jagiellonian University which was founded in 1364. As Poland's history is an exceptional example of openness to other cultures, the rich historical heritage of the city reflects the influences of many nations including Italians, Germans and Jews, which all complement essential Polish achievements. This mixture makes Kraków one of the most interesting cities to visit.

Kraków is very easy accessed by plane. There are two international airports: Cracow International Airport located very close to the city and Katowice International Airport about 60 km away from Kraków (shuttle bus transport from this airport to Kraków is offered).

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17th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference - 17th IB2MaC 2020
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