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Special Sessions at the IB2MAC Conference:

I. "Sustainable TRM composites: current knowledge and key challenges in durability and response to extreme loads"
Leaded by: Prof. Stefano De Santis and Prof. Bahman Ghiassi

This Session is organized in cooperation with the New RILEM TC IMC "DURABILITY OF INORGANIC MATRIX COMPOSITES USED FOR STRENGTHENING OF MASONRY CONSTRUCTIONS” chaired by Prof. Maria Antonietta Aiello and Prof. Catherine (Corina) Papanicolaou.

Taking advantage of the Rilem TC IMC meeting scheduled in Cracow during the IB2MAC Conference, we expect a significant number of TC members to come to Poland. The New Rilem TC and TC members are invited to submit abstracts that could be related to the issue of this Session. Other contributions, even from non TC members are welcome. The Session will cover a broader field and will deal with durability and also other extreme conditions (e.g.,high temperature, fire, blast, etc).

II. "Repair and strengthening of masonry infill walls working under in-plain and out-of-plain forces"
Leaded by: Prof. Theodoros Rousakis, Prof. Matija Gams and Prof. Arkadiusz Kwiecień

This Session is organized in cooperation with partners involved in the SERA Project "INfills and MASonry structures protected by deformable POLyurethanes in seismic areas (INMASPOL)" chaired by Prof. Theodoros Rousakis.

The aim of this Session is focusing on actual problems related to masonry infills working under in-plain and out-of-plain forces, mainly in seismic areas. It is planned to discuss their influence as non-structural elements on structural behavior of whole structures. All participants are invited to submit abstracts that could be related to mechanical behavior of masonry infills, also after protection, repair or strengthening intervention. Other contributions, covering a broader field of infills (e.g., new standards, innovative ideas and intervention methods, emergency, etc) are also welcome.

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17th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference - 17th IB2MaC 2020
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